Jerika Core (jerikabear) wrote in jerikavslance,
Jerika Core

so, i miss lance a lot. i haven't seen him much since high school ended in june. i can barely remember the times that i really hated him and never wanted to talk to him again. right now i would just like a hug from him. i almost went to see him this weekend, but my cousin ended up getting married, so i couldnt. i will soon though. maybe i can pick up lore on the way there. i really miss lance. we have had some great times together. i hope he does well at ucla and has a lot of fun. i am loving life here at sdsu. i'm close i chose to come here. i'm amazed and how differently i feel inside when i'm not in the valley. i'm happy and madly in love with my new home. i just wish i had a couple of friends from home here, but i do love the ones i have already amde. i hope to see lance soon. i hope he's having fun and not partying too hard. do you know how many bad hangovers i've already had? hahaha yeah but i still get up in the morning and go to class. i'm awesome. i miss you lance. <3 jerika.
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